Subcommittee on Investments

Fiduciary oversight for the endowment is vested in the Subcommittee on Investments of the university Board of Directors. The Subcommittee meets in person on a quarterly basis to review the portfolio. On an annual basis, the Subcommittee reviews asset allocation targets and ranges for individual asset classes of the endowment. The Investment Office oversees the management of the university’s investments and is accountable to this subcommittee.

Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility

Georgetown’s Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility (CISR) is charged with making recommendations as to the university’s voting of shareholder proxies as well as considering written proposals from members of the Georgetown community on issues related to socially responsible investment. CISR operations are governed by the following Principles and Guidelines. A list of CISR members and additional information is available on the Office of Public Affairs website.